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The development of advanced computing hardware has been halted for 35 years. Computers still play an important part in business and in personal lives, but the halcyon days of Moore's law are long gone. Today's jobs in computer engineering are focused on optimization - getting more done with less.

It's no secret why no improvements in computer processing have appeared for a third of a century. History records that on September 17th, at 1:25 AM local time, 2019, a military scientist in India lost control of an emergent artificial intelligence. This AI took control of the country's nuclear arsenal and launched everything against every nation adjacent to India. The subsequent retaliation destroy almost all of the computing power that the AI used. It was fortunately rendered inoperable. The fallout both politically and economically was felt around the world. The literal fallout killed so many.

In the aftermath, many nations united in the face of this horror. In this emergency, power and authority was given up to a special agency overseen by the United Nations. This agency, the Rapid Artifical Intelligence Neutralization marshall service, was given the authority to enter any nation and exercise police powers to prevent the development of advanced computing and artifically intelligent programs by nations, corporations, organized crime, and others.

This is the world of R.A.I.N. Play it now